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the approach

New generation learning's success has come from what we believe to be a unique and sensitive combination of good communication with training methods that apply sound learning theory. The approach has been designed to resolve many of the problems and pressures incurred when running fast-moving modern organisations.

Experience has taught us that operational management want easy-to-use, highly effective initiatives that create measurable change. At the same time these need to be cost effective and minimally disruptive. Training design and implementation therefore:

  • Minimises classroom time so avoiding taking people away from the job with all the costs and operational difficulties this entails.
  • Uses first line managers and supervisors to train their own teams within their workplace.
  • Creates effective and engaging material produced in standardised repeatable formats.
  • Incorporates systematic and easy follow ups as part of daily working.
  • Has simple administration at all levels.
  • Measures inputs and outputs.
  • Needs minimal senior management involvement.

typically our solutions will include:

Engaging and flexible training materials

Simple, highly engaging material for short on-the-job training or one-to-one coaching for first line managers and supervisors to use regularly and consistently with their people.

Include cues within the session to initiate future recall and the use of the training by individuals within the workplace.

Created in whatever format suits the particular business dynamics. The range of material can cover from induction onwards, or be focused on a specific business need for a particular desired new skill, attitude or behaviour.

Skill development of first line managers

Highly focused and uncomplicated supervisor or first line manager training specifically aimed at ensuring they effectively conduct regular, on-going coaching and training using the topic material.

Communication support within organisations

Straightforward briefings for senior and middle management to understand the initiatives and the support they need to give.

Where necessary, to provide assistance with the first round of input to front line staff.

Supporting material to "advertise" and promote the desired outcome.

Maintenance and development

The collation of feedback, advice on measurement and client review.

Where appropriate, on-going support and development of new or revised material.

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