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In order to maintain competitive advantage, most businesses today have unique and often complex combinations of messages they need to embed into the fabric of their operation. It is an imperative to continuously improve skills, focus behaviour and change attitudes; never an easy task.

New generation learning has developed, tested and proven what we believe to be a unique mix of teaching techniques, communication strategies and training material to face this challenge. Our approach to a typical initiative is to apply sound learning theory. In essence this is:

All material and sessions are pitched appropriately so unlike many training approaches we do not focus merely on skills, behaviour and process if attitudes also need shifting.

Traditional "classroom" teaching is kept to a minimum and where deployed, it is short, engaging, often fun and most importantly participative. People learn more when they have to think and process rather than just consume information. Traditional seven-hour classroom days statistically have a retention rate of less than one hour of the information provided!

All the material for supervisors to use in coaching and briefing is participative, always exercise based and most often highly visual. Each session is designed to accommodate all learning styles. It is written in the cultural style of the participants. We ensure that it easy to use, and needs minimal preparation time.

Our trainers are selected on their ability to talk the language of the audience. We don't allow there to be a gap between the life experience of the trainer and the trainee. Trainers are also taught to deploy critical "framing" and "seeding" techniques to focus participation and engagement.

We ensure that key messages are continually repeated both within sessions and during follow up. All sessions have simple, easy-to-complete follow up to cement learning and dramatically increase retention.

Material to support the session incorporates the relevant branding and is used to act as an anchor for recall.

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designing success into front line performance

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